Tuesday December 7, 2021

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For over 27 years, AC-U-KWIK® has been providing the aviation industry with the most accurate and up-to-date airport/FBO directories. Each directory contains complete listings of FBO's, charter companies, fuel suppliers, ground transportation, maintenance and catering services at public airports across the world.

Thousands of aviation professionals use AC-U-KWIK every day, such as: Corporate Pilots, Charter Brokers, Flight Departments, Fuel Service Buyers, Charter Schedulers, Line Service, Business and Customer Service Managers.

Contact Ac-u-kwik:

Jodi Espinoza: (800) 600-6199 x1 or 913-967-1651
Paul Wyatt: (800) 600-6199 x6 or 913-967-1954
Jennifer Shafer-Doyle: (800) 600-6199 x7 or 913-967-1732


FuelerLinxTM is a complete fuel management software system that also integrates with scheduling systems. This software helps aircraft operators buy jet fuel more efficiently by comparing all contract fuel prices across locations and suppliers to find the lowest prices available.

FuelerLinxTM automatically dispatches fuel requests and tracks all transactions, allowing subscribers to identify their best possible price options. Acufuel works in conjunction with FuelerLinxTM software to provide flight departments with up to date FBO direct fuel pricing and ramp fee avoidance information. Click here for more details!

FuelerLinxTM welcomes questions, comments and suggestions. Please feel free to contact us at (800) 998-5469. How can we make our software more useful to you? Please click suggestions and send your ideas and comments.

Contact FuelerLinx:

(866) 998-5469 (toll free)

Customer Service & Sales:

Jodi Espinoza: (800) 600-6199 x1 or (913) 967-1651
Paul Wyatt: (800) 600-6199 x6 or (913) 967-1954
Jennifer Shafer-Doyle: (800) 600-6199 x7 or (913) 967-1732
Email customer service and sales:

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Acufuel enables FBO's to save time by securely dispatching and organizing fuel price data in one central spot.

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